Catelas wins GRC award

Hot off the heels of Legal Tech 2012 in New York, Catelas was recently honored as a recipient of the 2012 GRC Technology Awards (here).

As reported by David Snow of Law Technology News, two of the hot topics at Legal Tech this year were Information Governance and Predictive Coding.

Two of the hottest topics at ALM’s recent LegalTech New York conference — information governance and predictive coding, and concerns over when and how practitioners can and should deal with them — are further amplified by results from a small survey Symantec Corporation conducted at the show. The two topics are proving to be major buzzwords for 2012, and for good reason. They’re complex and intimidating, in part because of the risks and expenses associated with them, and in part because of the understandable angst felt by many in the legal industry over being among early adopters of new technology.

So it is only fitting that Catelas be recognized for truly understanding the issues of Information Governance and launching its 360 degree Compliance Risk Dashboard solution. This dashboard provides Compliance Officers a 360 degree view of their compliance processes and business operations, with a particular emphasis on 3rd Party Relationships in high-risk countries. And all totally automated, from the comfort of the compliance officers desk. Key dashboard highlights include:

  • A complete list of every partner, 3rd party agent or government relationship
  • An understanding of which partners or agents are most active by country
  • A list of every new employee or contractor that works with partners etc.
  • A reconciliation between training certification and employee/contractor list

This type of intelligence has previously taken armies of consultants weeks (or months) to sift through and report on, often across multiple and disparate databases. With Catelas, the solution is deployed in days and fully automated using the company’s existing IT infrastructure.

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